Pro Check Building Inspections and Reports

You can be confident you are getting a property report from an insured and trusted construction professional with nearly 40 years of building experience.


Why choose Pro Check for a Building Report?

By choosing Pro Check your choosing a builder with nearly 40 years experience and a good eye for detail. Phil knows what he is looking at and for in a quality home and will give you clarity on your choice of house purchase with clear and concise building report.

Pro Check Building Reports serving Christchurch
Pro Check Building Reports serving Christchurch

About Pro-Check Building Reports

Pro Check Building Reports Christchurch Ltd is a new company looking to become one of the most respected home inspectors in Christchurch. Phil is an honest, friendly guy with a passion to inform his clients on the pros and cons of their intended home purchase. Give Pro Check a call and chat with Phil.

Pro Check Inspecting buildings in Christchurch
Pro Check Building Inspectors know what to look for before you buy your new home